how to support and deliver its creative and business vision. Longstanding talent relationships are deep; the network of first look distribution partnerships with established international distributors eOne, SquareOne, CDC and Italia are strong; Tooley’s box office track record is proven, and the capacity to fund productions drives the company.

Creative prowess coupled with business savvy also supports TTE’s interest to shape the future of entertainment by developing and investing in digital series and virtual reality content as well as emerging platforms across all landscapes within the entertainment market.

With commercial success in place and confidence in its vision, plus the resources and track record to execute, TTE is well positioned to shape the world of entertainment now and the development of what comes next.


Tucker Tooley on Balancing Art and Business:  “Entertainment is the intersection of art and commerce...You have to look at the world through the commercial lens and the artistic lens and get the two to get along.”

Tucker Tooley Entertainment (TTE) produces engaging content with a keen eye on achieving impeccable execution. As a leading independent production and finance company, formed and led by successful independent producer and former studio head, Tucker Tooley, the company knows how to focus the lenses and propel the process for premium content and the prowess to get it made.

Art and Commerce have an unusually great marriage at TTE. The experienced and respected leadership under Tooley (whose career worldwide box-office is north of $2.3 billion), and his smart and seasoned team have the know-